Where to Buy DJI Wookong and Naza Flight Controllers

Jonathan Malory's Google Profile Written by Jonathan Malory

It is important to find a good source for buying your DJI Wookong and Naza equipment. Somewhere that offers the best prices alongside a good knowledge of the product and a matching customer service.

You can see a list of suppliers on our Forums Here.

Most of the suppliers listed there sell DJI products, and you can see what other people say about each and add your own experiences with them and any others you have tried.

There are plenty of sellers in the UK but they don't all have the same level of knowledge and, in fact, I'm sure some of them don't even fly the stuff they sell.

If you find any bad dealers it would be useful to warn other about them on our forums, but I also think it's even more useful to share the good place where their service is efficient, knowledgeable and courteous.

The DJI website also has a its own list showing various official DJI dealers all around the world here.